House Undivided: The Story of Freemasonry and the Civil War

House Undivided is a story about Freemasonry and the Civil War. It depicts the "human" side of the conflict with its portrayals of brotherly love in action. The quotations in the book tell what the men of 100 years ago actually said - not what someone thinks they might have said. While the many battles and incidents of the war are not analyzed, they are accurately depicted. Included in the volume are many eye-witness accounts of battles never before published. The story is written in chronological order so the reader may better understand the reasons for the statements and activities which took place in Masonic circles. An unusual amount of research has gone into this volume. It is a book that should certainly be included in any complete reference library, inasmuch as it touches a previously unexplored facet of Civil War lore which, after 18,000 titles, is a difficult thing to do.

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