IEEE Standards Collection: Petroleum and Chemical Applications

This collection offers a complete volume of current standards and recommended practices developed by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee of the IEEE Industry Applications Society. This diverse group of standards, which covers applications and products that are found most often in the petroleum and chemical industry, may also be useful to engineers in other industries. The categories of interest covered in this collection include: motors, such as severe duty squirrel-cage induction motors; auxiliary devices for Class I, Division 2 motors, and repair and rewinding of motors; cables, such as electric submersible pump cables, and the installation and testing of insulated power cables; heating products, such as electrical resistance heat tracing, and electrical impedance, induction, and skin effect heating of pipelines and vessels; and safety practices, specifically for electrolytic cell lines. This collection represents a unique source of information for the engineer who must design, install, test, or maintain electrical systems in the petroleum and chemical industries, with similar operating environments and needs. The user of these standards is encouraged to participate in the development of new standards as well as the revision of existing standards.

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