Low-Cost Jigs, Fixtures & Gages for Limited Production

Jigs, Fixtures and gages all provide for the efficient and productive manufacture, inspection, and assembly of quality parts which are interchangeable with one another. When large numbers of parts are produced, a manufacturer is almost always well advised to use them to lower tooling and labor costs and to decrease manufacturing time. In the area of limited production, however, the use of jigs, fixtures and gages presents a challenge since costs often exceed income from product. Consequently, as the volume of production is reduced, tooling costs must be reduced in proportion. The purpose of this book is to guide the tool/gage engineer in devising and applying the most economical tooling possible under the circumstances. Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on the economics, design, fabrication, and application of inexpensive, yet efficient jigs, fixtures, gages, and off-the-shelf equipment to provide tooling for short-run production. The book is not intended to be a book on jig, fixture, or gage design.

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