Machine Shop Trade Secrets: A Guide to Manufacturing Machine Shop Practices

Wouldn't you rather make more money, produce better parts in less time than you previously thought possible? This manual is a journeyman's guide to proven machine shop practices that will have you thinking and producing like an experienced machinist. Whether you're a shop owner, machinist, designer, or hobbyist, you will refer to this manual again and again. You'll discover ways to: work faster; select, make and grind cutters; surface grind blocks, pins and shapes; cut threads, knurl parts, and eliminate warp; choose realistic feeds, speeds, and depths of cut; remove broken taps, drill bits and other hardware; apply proven CNC techniques to maximize output; improve surface finishes and hold tighter tolerances; assist engineers with design and manufacturing issues; and improve indicating skills and develop a "feel" for machining.

Basic Machines and How They Work                       Machine Shop Basics                          Machine Shop Practice Volume 1                          Creating and Maintaining a World-Class machine Shop: A Guide to General and Titanium Machine Shop Practices  

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