Maritime Security

Maritime Security is a timely text that is both comprehensive and analytical. It provides an all-inclusive, singular reference on security principles, tactical procedures, management techniques, and legal ramifications for addressing the topic of maritime security. The book is a well organized compendium of both rational and economic considerations focusing on the prevention of losses and management of security breaches. This book recognizes the important principles involved in security planning, and thoroughly discusses the many types of programs and techniques that have been successful in reducing vulnerability to maritime loss. Also presented is a much needed discussion on the civil liabilities associated with the implementation of security measures. This book offers the reader a series of extremely valuable appendices, important references to specific US Codes and the Code of Federal Regulations addressing international maritime and port security; protection and security of vessels, harbors, and waterfront facilities; measures to prevent unlawful acts against passengers and crews on board ships; and drug abuse prevention on board vessels.

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