Metallurgy Fundamentals, 5th Edition

Metallurgy Fundamentals provides the student with instruction on the basic properties, characteristics, and production of the major metal families. Clear, concise language and numerous illustrations make this an easy-to-understand text for an introductory course in metallurgy. Over 450 tables, diagrams, and photographs show both the theoretical and practical aspects of metallurgy.

Introduction to Metallurgy
  1. Practical Applications of Metallurgy 
  2. Metallurgical and Chemical Terminology 

Properties of Metals
  3. Hardness 
  4. Material Properties 

Ferrous Metallurgy
  5. What is Steel? 
  6. Manufacture of Iron and Steel 
  7. Crystal Structure 
  8. Failure and Deformation of Metal 
  9. Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram 
10. Microstructural Analysis 
11. Heat Treating and Quenching 
12. Annealing and Normalizing 
13. Isothermal Transformation Diagrams 
14. Tempering 
15. Surface Hardening 
Nonferrous Metallurgy
16. Processing Nonferrous Metals 
17. Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 
18. Copper, Bronze, and Brass 
19. Magnesium, Zinc, Tin, and Specialty Metals 

ISBN: 978-1-60525-079-3

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