NCCER Pipefitting Level 3 Trainee Guide, Paperback, 3rd Edition

Pipefitting: Level Three Trainee Guide contains all modules from NCCER level three for pipefitters.  Covers rigging equipment, rigging practices, standards and specifications, advanced trade math, motorized equipment II, introduction to aboveground pipe installation, field routing and vessel trim, pipe hangers and supports, and testing of piping systems and equipment.


Table of Contents


(Total Level Hours: 132.5) 


08301-07 Rigging Equipment (10 Hours)


Describes the use and inspection of basic equipment and hardware used in rigging, including slings, wire rope, chains, and attaching hardware. Explains sling angles. Describes the use of tuggers, jacks, hoists, and come-alongs.




08302-07 Rigging Practices (10 Hours)


Describes basic rigging and crane hazards and related safety procedures. Provides an overview of personnel lifting and lift planning. Introduces crane load charts and load balancing. Includes instructions for rigging and lifting pipe.




08303-07 Standards and Specifications (7.5 Hours)


Explains how to read and interpret pipefitting standards, codes, and specifications. Describes how to identify pipe and components according to specifications.




08304-07 Advanced Trade Math (20 Hours)


Discusses the use of equivalent and conversion tables. Explains how to use right angle trigonometry to calculate take-outs.



08305-07 Motorized Equipment II (10 Hours)

Covers the applications and safety requirements of drain cleaners, manlifts, and cable lifts.



08306-07 Introduction to Aboveground Pipe Installation (20 Hours)

Identifies various types of pipe, flanges, gaskets, and bolts. Includes step-by-step procedures for installing pipe sleeves and floor penetrations.



08307-07 Field Routing and Vessel Trim (10 Hours)

Explains how to secure the work area and determine field run specifications, load weights for erection equipment, and support needs. Covers how to erect vessel trim.



08308-07 Pipe Hangers and Supports (25 Hours)

Explains how to identify, select, and install pipe hangers and supports, including spring can supports. 



08309-07 Testing Piping Systems and Equipment (20 Hours)

Explains how to perform pretests, service flow tests, head pressure tests, hydrostatic tests, and steam blow tests.


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