Outboard Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair

Four-stroke outboards and exotic, computer-controlled fuel injection systems have become mainstream. What hasn't changed, however, is that proper maintenance and an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your outboard are prerequisites for trouble-free boating and maximum engine longevity. This book fills the gap between owner's manuals that don't even tell you how o change a spark plug and professional shop guides that detail how to do a complete rebuild. It covers basic operating principles, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting techniques for two- and four- stroke engines from 2 to 300 horsepower. With Ed Sherman's help you'll be perfectly capable of performing your own engine maintenance, repairing minor problems, and diagnosing problems you can't tackle yourself. His methodical approach can save you a world of frustration - and peril - as well as time-and-a-half weekends mechanics' charges.



"This book is ideal for owners and operators of motorboats, working boats, ribs and patrol boats" All at Sea (June 2009) "Every major engine brand on the market from 2 to 300 horsepower is covered." All at Sea (June 2009) "A guide to maintaining your own outboard." Boat Mart August 2009 For boating enthusiasts a must. It fills a gap between Engine owners' Manuals that are scant in detail and full workshop manuals. Thoroughly recommended to all who own Outboard Engines.' Nautical Magazine (October 2009) 'Will capably assist you in engine maintenance, repairing minor failures, and diagnosing faults you can't tackle yourself without help...can save you a world of frustration and unnecessary mechanics charges.' Nautical Magazine (October 2009) 'Recommended for those with a serious interest in outboard engines.' Cruising (March 2010) 'very useful and well presented' Ausmarine - June 2010 --This text refers to an alternate Hardcover edition.

About the Author

Ed Sherman is among the most highly respected marine technicians in the U.S. As senior writer for the American Boat & Yacht Council, he wrote and teaches certification training courses to professional technicians.

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