Pipe Layout Helps

A fine little manual for your pocket. When it was first published, it was smaller so that it would fit in one's wallet. It was hard on the eyes especially old eyes so we made it a tad bit larger. Still it's a fine thing to keep in your pocket as you move around a job site. It has a lot of the information that you are going to need.

Publication Date: 1953
Book Size: 3 x 4.5
Pages: 76
Edition: 6th
Cover: Soft Bound
Author: Hart

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Table of Contents:

The Wrap-around
Useful Formulas
Table I for Finding Angles of Turn. Cut Backs, etc.
Table II for Finding Lengths of Set Pieces
To Solve for Angles of Turn Greater than 45°
Rolling Offsets
Method of Finding Cut Backs for Mitred Turns
Method of Laying Out Pipe Bends
To Make Fittings of Any Degree from Weld Ells
45° Laterals
Two Piece Eccentric Reducer
Method of Laying Out Flanges
Pipe Circumference Table
Decimal Equivalents Tables
90° Branches
American Standard Pipe Thds.
Bolt Threads, National Coarse
Series 15, 150 Lb. Flanges
Series 30, 300 Lb. Flanges
600 lb. Flanges
Pipe Data, Schedule Number
Trigonometry Table
Thermal Expansion of Pipe
Pattern Making
"U" Bolt Dimensions
2-Bolt Pipe Clamps
Welding Fittings
Metric Symbols
Metric Conversion

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