Pipefitting Level 4 Trainee Guide, Paperback, 3rd Edition

Pipefitting: Level Four Trainee Guide contains all modules from NCCER level four for pipefitters.  Covers advanced blueprint reading, advanced pipe fabrication, stress relieving and aligning, steam traps, in-line specialties, special piping, hot taps, maintaining valves, and introduction to supervisory roles.  Blueprint package included. 


Table of Contents


<>(Total Level Hours: 192.5) 

08401-07 Advanced Blueprint Reading (50 Hours)


Explains how to derive necessary construction information from P&IDs, general arrangement drawings, ISOs, and spool sheets. Includes nine 11 x 17 blueprints.



08402-07 Advanced Pipe Fabrication (50 Hours)

Covers the skills needed to layout and fabricate mitered bends, laterals, wyes, and ninety-degree intersections with tables of ordinates or by calculating ordinates with a calculator. These skills are necessary when specialty bends and intersections are required.



08403-07 Stress Relieving and Aligning (15 Hours)

Teaches the nature of inaccuracy, misalignment and pipe strain, and addresses the methods of correcting them. Includes methods of effective communication to reduce these errors.




08404-07 Steam Traps (15 Hours)


Describes the types of traps, their functions and advantages, and the basic methods of troubleshooting steam traps.



08405-07 In-Line Specialties (10 Hours)

Describes the various devices that appear in pipelines, including bleed rings, ball and expansion joints, steam traps, drip legs, desuperheaters, and measuring devices for temperature, level, flow rate, and pressure.



08406-07 Special Piping (25 Hours)

Introduces copper and plastic pipe and tubing. Addresses brazing, soldering, and the differences between the two methods. Also describes the methods of assembling plastic pipe and tubing, compression and flared fittings, and joining methods for grooved and compression formed fittings.



08407-07 Hot Taps (10 Hours)

Teaches the hot tap technique for attaching fittings to the pipeline. Includes line stopping, freeze stopping, and adding connections to the line.




08408-07 Maintaining Valves (10 Hours)


Discusses the safest ways to maintain valves.  Teaches how to replace packing and o-rings, as well as how to open and close a valve's bonnet.  Introduces general trouble shooting and maintenance of several types of valves. 




08409-07 Introduction to Supervisory Roles (7.5 Hours)Provides an introductory explanation of cultural and gender differences in work scenarios.  Covers the basic requirements for movement into supervisory roles, and legal and ethical issues of supervisory roles.


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