Press Brake Technology: A Guide to Precision Sheet Metal Bending

In his preface to this book, Author : Steve D Benson complains that he has never been able to find a comprehensive text on the subject of press brakes. It was this paucity of material that motivated Benson to write Press Brake Technology: A Guide to Precision Sheet Metal Bending. Indeed, "comprehensive" was Benson's watchword in producing this work. With no fewer than 27 chapters, the book covers every aspect of press brake technology. It includes not only such basic topics as the types of bends to be performed and the machines and tools used to accomplish the task, it covers a wide range of information on how to turn out the most precise bends possible in sheet metal. Readers learn how to write precision press brake controller data, how to prepare setup sheets, how to use SPC charts during press brake operation, and how to read blueprints. Also explained are the four basic types of corner notches, how to deal with springback, and how tonnages are found, computed and applied. Details are provided on punches, dies, and offset and urethane tooling. And readers not only learn about press brakes and their operations, but also how to stay safe while working around the machines. Whether novice or veteran in the technology, readers of this book will find a wealth of valuable knowledge and enhance their skills in precision sheet metal bending.

About the Author

Steven D. Benson has been in the precision sheet metal trade for more than 20 years. Currently, he oversees the press brake operation for Neilsen Metal Industries of Salem, Oregon. He also teaches basic, intermediate, and advanced courses on press brakes for the Oregon Advanced Technology Consortium. He has produced three levels of textbooks to accompany the courses. Mr. Benson also developed a software package "Advanced Sheet Metal Applications," which was designed to allow easy access and manipulation of all formulas in all three texts. 
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