Production Operations One: Well Completions, Workover, and Stimulation

This two volume set of books encompasses well production operations from the time the first potential oil or gas horizon is penetrated until the well is abandoned. Primary focus is on well completions, workovers, and stimulation, which are key and critical to producing operations. This fourth edition updates the technology of the third edition. New material has been added in many instances; in particular the fast emerging role of the personal computer as an effective tool to magnify the efforts of the completion, production engineer professional. These books emphasize the importance of total reservoir description including geology and fluid flow characteristics; the role of effective communication between the reservoir and the wellbore; the pitfalls of flow restriction around the wellbore; the importance of knowing where fluids are and where they are moving to; and, the problems of excluding undesired fluids. All these factors become more important as we move further in the areas of waterflooding and enhanced methods to maximize recovery of increasingly valuable hydrocarbon fluids. These two books are the product of many years of producing engineering, and research experience plus 37 years of conducting training programs throughout the world for petroleum industry groups, including engineers, managers, geologists, technicians, and foremen. The emphasis throughout this two volume series is on clarity and readability with a minimum of verbage. The aim is to increase oil and gas production and reserves, to reduce costs, and to increase profits through effective application of proved technology.

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