Project Management for Managers

Project managers are experts at business operations and strategic planning. How are they at forging links between the two, at handling the transition between the present and future? Getting better, it seems. Transition management is project management, say the authors of this book.

Project Management for Managers is a wonderfully practical book that offers insights into project management that would be hard to find anywhere else. Görög and Smith are the project management philosophers for the new millennium. At the heart of this book are an organization's strategic goals-where a firm wants to go and what it wants to become in the future. Everything in Project Management for Managers revolves around getting an organization to the future it wants for itself.

From start to finish, these topics are examined and analyzed, and eventually understood and appreciated. Practical realities are integrated into the authors' philosophies, not ignored or reduced to mere methods and techniques. Görög and Smith place developing the right organizational structure, risk management methodology, contracts, and cost estimates into a unified context. Project Management for Managers is the book every project manager needs. It adds context and understanding to the methods and techniques we crave.

Mihály Görög is Associate Professor of Project Management at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in Hungary. Nigel J. Smith is Professor of Project Management and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

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