Stability and Trim for the Ship's Officer

In the past 22 years since the last revision of this text, the world maritime industry has continued to undergo radical changes in marine cargo operations and vessel design: however, the regulations pertaining to the carriage of movable bulk cargoes have remained constant because they are working. Aboard todays, technology and computers abound as ships gear, as well as computers and cell phones personally owned by the ships officers and crew. What once were long and tedious calculations for stability, trim, and hull stress prior to the age of the personal computer is now done in minutes not hours if the input data is correct. However, the only way to verify if the computer is actually doing its job is to return to a more simple time and just read the ships drafts. No matter how much change the industry has undergone, the laws of physics have not changed. Every chapter has been reviewed, revised and rewritten and two new chapters have been added to this edition.

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