Technical Data Handbook Sixth Edition

The Technical Data Handbook is printed in a handy pocket-sized format. The Handbook contains all the reference information professionals in the pressure equipment industry are likely to need in a pinch!

Conversion factors, welding information, and code inspection information


  • Unit Conversions
  • Mathematical Formulas and Function Tables
  • Welding Terms and Definitions (including positions and variables)
  • Standard Welding Symbols
  • NDE Terms and Definitions
  • NDTE Symbols
  • ASME B16.5 Flange Rating Tables
  • IQI Selection Table
  • Table of Radiographic Density Tolerances
  • RT Acceptance Standards
  • Bolt Head Identification
  • Feet to Head Conversions for Water
  • Steam Tables
  • Safety Valve Capacity Calculations
  • Material Marking Requirements, and more!


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