The Craft and Its Symbols: Opening the Door to Masonic Symbolism

Brother Allen E Roberts has been a Freemason for many years. With a keen inquiring mind he sensed the importance of the symbolism of the Craft and started a detailed study of it. We are fortunate that he has reduced these thoughts to a format that can be enjoyed by us all. A great deal that is contained in this book is not new, but since the material is covered in chronological order as the ceremony of Initiation, Passing, and Raising takes place, it enables us to see more than we saw when first exposed to the material. This fine presentation will make the ceremony of the three degrees understandable and more meaningful. For the new member, it offers an adventure in re-living these experiences and an opportunity to review the lessons taught at the time. For the older member, it presents a golden opportunity for a renewal of old ideas and opening the door for further light on the subject.

Direct from Publisher: "It explains meanings of the initiation ceremonies he has just gone through which he probably did not grasp at the time. HIS WIFE? WHY? Because she will gain an understanding of the new avenues opening for a better and fuller life for the entire family. Also, a must for SPEAKERS, LEADERS, THE NON-MASON, AND EVERYBODY WHO NEEDS A "LIFT" FOR A BETTER WAY OF LIVING WITH HIS FELLOWMAN.Hard cover, 104 pages. (English version) A Macoy Published Book ISBN 9780880530583 Roberts believes that speakers will find this book handy for inspiring talks on Masonry. The Non-Mason will learn more about Freemasonry and the Masonic Tradition. This book is bound to resemble a Lambskin Apron. 81 illustrations and is hard cover."

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