The Decompression Workbook: A Simplified Guide to Understanding Decompression Problems

Here for the first time is a workbook specifically designed to make the sport diver completely proficient in working in the decompression tables. Whether you're learning how to use the decompression tables for the first time or just brushing up for your next dive trip, you'll find this workbook invaluable. The self-teaching text is divided into four sections, each containing a number of decompression problems you have to calculate. Examples are given with complete explanations for each set of problems. Answers for all the problems are found at the end of the book. This workbook is designed to be used with any set of dive tables that are based on the US navy Air Decompression tables. Even if you use an automatic dive computer, you'll want to be well versed in the use of tables as a back-up. Divers at all levels of experience will find this workbook useful, easy to use, and a superb learning tool. Diving instructors will find it a helpful aid in reducing the number of class hours spend on mastering the use of decompression tables.

  • $19.99