Underground Corrosion

The Circular is a final report on the studies of underground corrosion conducted by the National Bureau of Standards from 1910 to 1955. Up to 1922, the studies were confined to corrosion due to stray-current electrolysis and its mitigation. After it became apparent that serious corrosion occurred in soils under conditions that precluded stray-currents as en explanation, a field burial program was initiated in order to obtain information pertaining to the effect of soil properties on the corrosion of metals. More than 36,500 specimens, representing 333 varieties of ferrous, nonferrous, and protective coating materials, were exposed in 128 test locations throughout the United States. During this time the electrical and electrochemical aspects of underground corrosion have been continuously studied in the laboratory. Results from both field and laboratory investigations are presented here in thos book.

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